20 x 40mm Black Router 5 Segment Router With End Segment For Granite & Engineered Stone

SKU: MPT500104

Diameter & Working Length: 20 x 40
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Introducing the Black 5 segment Router, a powerful and durable tool designed to deliver optimal cutting performance. Engineered with a specially arranged diamond bond, this router ensures fast and precise cuts for your projects. The reinforced end segment makes it ideal for plunge cuts and rebating, providing versatility and efficiency. - Made in Italy 🇮🇹

For those seeking even greater durability, we offer the option of the 6-segment router with an additional end segment. This configuration extends the lifespan of your router, allowing you to tackle more projects with confidence.

Experience the ultimate cutting performance with the Black 5-segment Router and elevate your stone fabrication projects to new heights.

Diameter & Working Length: 20 x 40

Connection: 1/2 Gas connection 

5 segments with end segment 

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