ADW Bridge Saw Blade Ultra Compact Surface Step Cut

Diameter: 350mm
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ADW Step Cut is an excellent bridge saw blade for cutting Dekton & Ultra Compact Surface - Approved by Consentino.

The Step Cut is a very high-quality bridge saw blade specifically designed for cutting Dekton and Ultra-compact materials on low-powered or fixed-speed saws. It is also compatible with CNC saws and can be operated at a rapid pace up to 3.5m/ per minute. With its versatility and speed, this blade strikes the perfect balance, consistently delivering seamless and smooth finishes completely chip-free.

Equipped with Breton, Denver and Donatoni location holes and 10mm segments, this blade offers a forgiving bond and optimal diamond content, resulting in a quiet and even cutting experience. Its exceptional ease of use ensures minimal energy consumption during the fabrication process, which translates to cost savings.

The STEP Cut blade stands out for its exceptional cutting performance on Dekton and UCS with its compatibility with various saw types, and its ability to provide a quiet and smooth cutting experience. Save time, energy, and money with this versatile blade.

Speed & Feed rate chart:

 Diameter (mm) RPM Min. RPM Max. Feed Rate (8mm Slab) Feed Rate (12mm Slab) Feed Rate (20mm Slab)
400mm 1700 2400 4.0M/MIN 3.0M/MIN 2.3M/MIN

*When engaging in mitre cuts, aim for a feed rate that is up to 75% of the recommended speed for optimal results. 

*Reduce speed by 50% while entering and exiting the cut to minimize the risk of blow-out.

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