MGT 23 OUT - Colour enhancer with wet effect for outdoor and indoor, stain resistant, concentrated, and specific for matt or absorbing surfaces

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One litre of MGT 23 OUT can treat up to 12 m2 on rough surfaces and up to 20 m2 on honed surfaces. MGT 23 OUT is a solvent-based colour enhancing protector with water repellent, oil repellent, anti-stain and anti-dirt action for sandstone, marble, granite, natural stone, terracotta, limestone, travertine, and other matt surfaces with sandblasted, flamed, honed, brushed, saw cut, natural split finish etc...

Does not turn yellow. Protects surfaces from substances like oil, coffee, grease, dirt, most wines and reduces spray and paint absorption. Specific for kitchen countertops, tables, floors, cladding, pebbles, mosaics, tumbled stones etc.


One litre can treat up to approx. approx. 10- 12 m2 on rough surfaces and up to approx. 17-20 m2 on honed surfaces.

Application Method:

Ready to use product; do not dilute. On clean and dry surfaces apply MGT 23 OUT directly onto the surface and spread it out evenly with specific sponges or microfibres. Depending on the absorption and on the desired effect apply 2 or 3 coats leaving 5-6 hours from one application to another. If the surface is very rough apply with a low-pressure gun and even with a long hair microfibre (See application accessories). We recommend applying small quantities of product in more coats instead of one copious coat. The obtained result is not reversible.

Wait until the surface is dry before walking on. Wait at least 48/72 hours before carrying out staining tests, so to allow the product to dry in the porosity of the surface. For the ordinary maintenance of the treated surface, we recommend the regular use of MGP 24 detergent.

Technical Datasheet:

Click here to download MGT 23 OUT Datasheet.

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