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Orbitop is a manual random orbital sanding and polishing machine designed to be used on counters tops, stairs, tables, small surfaces, and areas that are not accessible with larger single-disc machines.

Compact and small machine with a diameter of 28cm and with a 1hp motor of 1,400 roto-orbits per minute: it is useful for craftsmen, which guarantees the reduction of efforts in carrying out the work. Also used for washing, cleaning, micro-sanding and polishing floors in small rooms or daily work on tops, stairs and under-stairs or small spaces such as bathrooms.

In summary, these are machines that are easy to use, ergonomic, economical and, above all, competitive in a globalized market, which always requires innovative ideas.

The main feature that distinguishes the ORBITAL machine from the classic mini-sander is the reduction in water consumption by over 90%. These are devices characterized by a lower environmental impact.

It can be used for a whole day without physical effort, thanks above all to the 90% reduction of liquids to be aspirated or replaced. The highly efficient but less powerful engines guarantee a reduction in pollution and operating costs.



  • Easy: to handle: thanks to the handles with anti-vibration mounts, the operator's efforts are minimal.
  • Safe: the oscillation of the plate excludes any kind of danger during processing, preventing the cable from getting stuck and the machine from starting to the side, which could cause it to hit walls or obstacles, with consequent damage; no risk of soiling.
  • Convenient: A machine that is easy to use for a whole day thanks to the vibration reduction system. Characterized by an ideal weight - 23 kg - which guarantees stability on the floor, it can be used with one hand.


The machine is equipped with practical handles, an anti-vibration feature, emergency buttons, on-off, 8m of cable suitable for 220V or 110V and a pad holder.


ORBITOP 10: (OBTO1001)
Includes: ORBITOP 10 with 1000W motor + side handles + Pad Holder + 8m of cable & Instruction manual.

LMA Orbitop 10 Machine Brochure:

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