STORM bridge saw blade for Dekton & Ultra Compact Surfaces

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Diameter: 400mm
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Introducing the Consentino Approved STORM bridge saw blade, specially engineered for cutting Dekton, Ultra compact surfaces, and sintered stone slabs like Neolith, Lapitec, and Laminam.

Designed with a silent-bodied construction, the STORM blade offers exceptional performance, delivering clean cuts and extended blade life. Its unique sandwich construction and reinforced corners with a different bond formulation ensure precise and straight cuts, effectively reducing any rounding of the diamond segments.

One of the key features of the STORM blade is its segment design. The segments are constructed in a way that they are closely spaced together, minimizing the risk of chipping while cutting. This design consideration ensures that your cuts are smooth, flawless, and free from any potential damage to the material.

With the STORM blade's approval from Consentino, a leading authority in the industry, you can be confident in the blade's quality, reliability, and compatibility with the specified materials. Trust in the performance and longevity of the STORM blade for your cutting needs.

Experience superior cutting precision, durability, and chip-free performance with the Consentino Approved STORM bridge saw blade. Achieve outstanding results in cutting Dekton, Ultra compact surfaces, and sintered stone slabs.



  • Approved By Consentino
  • Silent-body blade
  • Segment bond designed specifically for all ultra-compact surfaces
  • Sandwich construction segment
  • 10mm segment height
  • Suited to DENVER & DONATONI Machines
  • Certified to EN13236


Diameter (mm) 350mm 400mm 450mm 500mm
Type of Cut Straight Straight Straight Straight
Rim Type Segmented Segmented Segmented Segmented
Number of segments 25 28 32 36
Segment Height 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm
Fitting Bore 50/60mm
Bore 50/60mm Bore 50/60mm Bore 50/60mm
Blade Core Type Silent Silent Silent Silent



 Diameter (mm) RPM Min. RPM Max. Feed Rate (12mm Slab) Feed Rate (20mm Slab)
350mm 1900 2700 1.5M/MIN
400mm 1700 2400 1.5M/MIN 1.2M/MIN
450mm 1500 2100 1.2M/MIN 1.0M/MIN
500mm 1300 1900 1.2M/MIN 1.0M/MIN

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