Titan Bond - Premium Epoxyacrylate Adhesive

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Titan Bond is a premium Epoxyacrylate adhesive, extra strong and ultra-fast adhesion in a very short time, 15-25' even at low temperatures. Titan Bond is a gluing system that is recommended for internal use, with high adhesion.

The Titan Bond features that differentiate it from other mass-market mastics are the wide range of use, the ultra-strong and fast setting adhesion time to surfaces and the excellent resistance to yellowing.

One of Titan Bond's peculiarities is the colour change at the time of adding the catalyst and then returning back to the original colour once the catalysis has been applied. Once hardened, the mastic has a smooth, shiny surface with excellent standability and polishability. Ideal for indoor use.

Applications: Marble, Natural Stones (quartz, travertine etc.), Synthetic Stones, Traditional Ceramics & Technical Ceramics (ex: Dekton, Lapitek etc.).

What's Included:

One hardener is included with every Titan Bond purchased.

Titan Bond Technical Datasheet:

Click here to download Titan Bond Technical Datasheet

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