MGT 27 - Anti-stain protector, concentrated, neutral, specific for polished surfaces

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One litre of MGT 27 can treat up to 25 m2 with two coats applied. MGT 27 is a Solvent-based, full saturation water-and-oil repellent sealer for polished marble, granite, and agglomerates. MGT 27 does not change the natural colour of the material where it is applied on.

It penetrates the porosity of the stone and does not turn yellow. Protects the surfaces from substances like oil, coffee, grease, dirt, most wines and offers good protection against writings, sprays, or paints. Specific for kitchen countertops, tables, floors, and cladding. Suitable for low absorbing polished surfaces like synthetic, marble resin or quartz resin and certain kinds of porcelain stoneware (gres) or ceramics that may absorb or get stained.


One litre can treat up to approx. 20-25 m2 based on two coats applied.

Application Method:

This is a ready to use product; do not dilute. Apply MGT 27 directly onto the clean and dry polished surface. Spread out evenly with circular motions using a suitable mop, cloth, or microfibres. Depending on the absorption apply 2 coats leaving 3 – 4 hours from one application to the other. In case of extremely absorbing polished surfaces apply 2 consecutive coats and a 3rd coat after 3 or 4 hours. (See application accessories). On high absorbing marble or granite, a 3rd coat may be needed. Allow to dry before walking on the surface.

Technical Datasheet:

Click here to download MGT 27 Datasheet.

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