Nylon Body Milling Wheel

SKU: MPT220100

Diameter: 350mm
Segment Width: 20mm
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Introducing our Nylon Body Milling Wheel: the perfect solution for milling marble, granite, and quartz.

Experience the efficiency and precision of cutting with our Nylon Body Milling Wheel, featuring high-quality metal rim diamond segments. The innovative design ensures a rapid and superior cutting performance. The core body, crafted with nylon, guarantees a silent and vibration-free cutting experience, delivering optimal results.

For best results and prolonged performance, we recommend adopting a gradual milling approach in 5mm depth increments. While in use, make sure to utilize the full width of the wheel to prevent uneven wear on the teeth and diamond segments, ensuring a consistently high-quality milling process. Elevate your milling experience with our reliable and durable Nylon Body Milling Wheel.


Milling Wheel Cutting Parameter & RPM Chart:

 Material: Diameter: Width: Bore: RPM: Feed rate: Removal:
Granite, Marble & Quartz 350mm 20mm 50/60mm 1500 500mm/Min 3mm
Granite, Marble & Quartz 350mm 30mm 50/60mm 1500 500mm/Min 3mm
Granite, Marble & Quartz 350mm 40mm 60/60mm 1500 500mm/Min 3mm

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