OLD STONE - Chemical sandblaster

Size: 1 Litre
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One litre of OLD STONE can treat up to 3m. OLD STONE is an acid-based composition for the chemical sandblasting of marble. It is especially recommended for small productions. Not suitable for stone, granite, sandstone.


One litre can treat up to approx. 2-3 m2.

Application Method:


Ready to use product, do not dilute. Evenly apply onto the surface. To carry out the treatment more easily use a plastic watering can. Remember to dampen the surface evenly with the product. DO NOT attempt to pour the product in a single point and to spread it out with a brush. Allow the product to act for 10/15 minutes according to the desired effect, then rinse out with plenty of water. For a more evident effect, repeat the treatment. Always work in the open air or turn on the suction system. To increase the effect of OLD STONE, spray water on the surface after the application, so to reactivate OLD STONE and to obtain a stronger effect. Suck up the surface with a water vacuum, rinse out with water and MGP 24 detergent.

For the ordinary maintenance of the treated surface, we recommend the regular use of MGP 25 detergent.

Technical Datasheet:

Click here to download OLD STONE Datasheet.

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