Workdiamond Professional Bridge Saw Blade For Marble

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Diameter: 450mm
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Workdiamond Professional Bridge Saw Blade For Marble & Limestone.

The Workdiamond Professional Marble blades are specifically designed to provide precise and efficient cutting of marbles and limestones. With their fast cutting speed and exceptional performance, these blades ensure a smooth and high-quality sawn edge on every cut. The 7mm segments of the blade are crafted from a durable bronze alloy, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and durability.

The blade's body is ingeniously constructed using a unique metal/rubber/metal sandwich design, which effectively absorbs vibrations and reduces noise levels during cutting operations. Experience the precision, durability, and performance of these exceptional professional Workdiamond Marble blades today.

Made In Italy 🇮🇹

We suggest using the highest possible feed rate achievable for the material being processed.


Marble Blade Cutting Parameter & RPM Chart:

Diameter Material Thickness Recommended RPM
300mm Marble 20mm 3100-3800
300mm Marble 30mm 3100-3800
350mm Marble 20mm 2700-3200
350mm Marble 30mm 2700-3200
400mm Marble 20mm 2300-2800
400mm Marble 30mm 2300-2800
450mm Marble 20mm 2100-2500
450mm Marble 30mm 2100-2500
500mm Marble 20mm 1900-2200
500mm Marble 30mm 1900-2200


While entering and exiting cuts, reduce the feed rate by 30 - 40%
For Miter cuts, reduce feed rate by 30 -40 %

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