Safe Marble Satin - Anti-acid protector for honed, satin & semi polished marble.

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PROFESSIONAL antiacid protector for honed, satin, semi polished marble.

Acid proofing protector marble, cement tiles or other honed, brushed, semi polished, leather or satin finish surfaces. Protects marble surfaces from acid aggressions of common food substances like: lemon, wine, fruit juices, soft drinks and also from soaps and perfumes. SAFE MARBLE SATIN covers the superficial porosity creating an imperceptible protective coat that separates acids from the surface. Owing to its special composition it doesn't turn yellow with UV rays and on mostly marble sorts it does not change the natural color. SAFE MARBLE SATIN treated surfaces become water and oil repellent.

No need of special tools or of grinding before application to create a grip.

Resists: lemon, vinegar, fruit juices, fruit, soft drinks, champagne, wine, coffee, oil, limescale, purfums, solvents, household chemicals.

  • Antiacid

  • Antistain

  • Antioil

  • Water-repellent

  • Does not create a peeling layer

  • Does not turn yellow

  • Stable and tested product (7 years on the market, no surprires or instability)

  • Can be applied before or after installation

  • Workable for hours

  • Food Contact Certified

  • Excellent for countertops

  • Good against dirt

  • Limits the absorption of writings and sprays Makes cleaning easier

  • Reversible (Removable within 24/48 hours without grinding using our IPA solvent)

  • Correct small imperfections of the surface

Dont need special tools or machinery

Technical Datasheet:

 Click here to download Safe Marble Satin Datasheet

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