Safe and effective universal sanitizing and hygienizing cleaner. 

Once diluted and ready to use it contains 1 % of hydrogen peroxide, suitable for sanitizing as indicated by health supervision authorities.


  • classification: Water based
  • category: Hygienizing
  • Yield: 1 litre for 100 sqm
  • Technical Specification

    Hygienizing cleaner for sanitization of all surfaces Contains hydrogen peroxide

    Safe and effective universal sanitizing and hygienizing cleaner.

    Suitable for floors, coatings, and sanitary fixtures. It contains 1 % of hydrogen peroxide, suitable for sanitizing as indicated by health supervision authorities. (Required percentage 0.5-1%). This product is suitable for sanitizing as per indications of the Italian Ministry of Health and ISS Decalogue and circular letter n.5443 of the 22nd February 2020 of the Italian Ministry of Health.



    1 litre for approx. 40-50 m2.


    Strong Points:

    • - Ready-to-use cleaner
    • - Active concentration of hydrogen peroxide 1%

    • - It does not leave residues.

    • - Universal, suitable for marble, granite, natural stone, gres, ceramic, laminate and glass.

    • - Hygienization and sanitizing





    Spray the product directly onto the surface, allow to act for 30/40 seconds and rub with a cloth or paper. No rinsing out is needed.
    It can be used with a nebulizer or atomizer for sanitization of the whole place.



    Before using the product, read the toxicological data sheet (MSDS) and the label detailing all risks and the personal protective equipment to be used for correct use. The data of this technical data sheet is based on reliable information. Despite this, the manufacturer can’t know in advance the condition of the materials to be processed and the way of the use of the product. Therefore, he disclaims any and all responsibility for damage arising from the inadequacy of the product for special applications.

    Before treating or cleaning surfaces, carry out a test on an invisible point to prevent possible damages, since our responsibility is limited to the warranty of the purchased product and therefore we disclaim any responsibility for damages resulting from negligence or wrong use.

    This product hydrogen peroxide; its frequent use on polished marble may cause a slight loss of shine. Avoid contact with clothing and fabrics.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    If the product goes into eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.


    Packaging and Storage:

    Keep the original, sealed container in covered, ventilated, dry environment and keep away from heat or low temperatures. After the use keep the package well closed, so the product has a shelf life of approx. 36 months.