100kg Capacity Pump Action Suction Lifter

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100kg Capacity Pump Action Suction Lifter

Our pump-action suction lifter with a sturdy handle makes carrying materials such as non-porous stoneware and glass easy and safe to carry. The lifter has a tough ABS body and plunger, attached to a moulded rubber pad.

Every pump-action suction lifter is supplied with a sturdy ABS Carry case.

The pump-action lever allows a vacuum to be formed in just a few pumps, incorporating a red safety band on the plunger to ensure maximum suction is achieved.

The suction can be easily released by pressing the thumb release on the handle.

Suitable for use on glass, plastic, metal, coated wood & Non-porous stoneware.

Lifting Capacity: 100kg

Material: Tough ABS Handle, ABS Plunger

Suction Pad Diameter: 8" / 210mm

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