3 Step Diamond Abrasive 3- Pin Polishing System For Marble Terrazzo And Concrete

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Pad Diameter: 100mm
Pad Grit: Step 1 / One set of 3 pieces
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Diamond resin bond floor discs are manufactured in the LMA Machine laboratories with an innovative formula for polishing any type of floors such as concrete, terrazzo and marble in a fast way. Available in R1, R2, R3 and LUX SPECIAL.

R Special are diamond resin bond discs compatible with all the grinders.

They allow instant grinding and polishing in just a few steps. R1, R2, and R3 are recommended for grinding on concrete, marble, natural stones, and terrazzo in 3 steps.

R LUX replaces the use of polishing powder after the 3 grinding steps, and it is recommended for works on marble and terrazzo floors.


Benefits of 3 Step R Special Line:

  • Compatible with all sanders with satellite system or fixed plate
  • Available in diameters 75mm velcro, 100mm velcro, 100mm B, 140mm B and on request other diameters can become available.
  • Very smooth whilst in use and can polish without using any chemicals
  • Does not require the use of any polishing powders
  • Easy to use and excellent results in just a few simple steps
  • Replace the traditional mechanical sanding method
  • Ideal for removing fillers and mastics
  • Marking of the STEP number on the back of the disc
  • Reduction of the probability of operator error during the application phases
  • The complete kit is supplied in handy diamond boxes

R SPECIAL: 1,2,3,LUX...

100% guaranteed shininess saving 4 steps!



The R Special 1 diamond resin bond discs are to be used after the grit 120 metal bond. These discs can remove cement filler and epoxy. They remove scratches left in time and prepare the glazed floor. R1 is ideal to be used for outdoor areas that are not too smooth.





The R Special 2 are to be used after the R1. They can remove scratches, and prepare the floor in order to instantly achieve a semi-gloss finish. The R2 discs are perfect for outdoor areas that are not too smooth or for indoor surfaces that are not too shiny.




     R3 SPECIAL:

The R Special 3 are to be used after the R2. They mechanically close and polish the floor.





R Lux Special are to be used with marble and terrazzo only. They are manufactured to be used on areas or construction sites where the polishing powder is forbidden or hard to use. No smell, easy to use and is not bulky.




R Special Line Brochure

Click Here To Download The R Special Line Brochure

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