Carborundum Wheel - Straight

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Diameter: 80
Variation: 24 Grit
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CODAFLEX Silicone Carbide cup wheels stand out for their exceptional quality and cutting-edge design. Crafted with high-quality abrasive materials, these cup wheels boast superior cutting power, high toughness, and impressive wear resistance. Primarily designed for trimming and grinding applications, Carborundum wheels ensure precision and durability in every use.

For optimal results, it is recommended to utilize the face of the wheel, enabling the creation of an outstanding flat and smooth finish on the external edges of the stone. Trust CODAFLEX Silicone Carbide cup wheels for a reliable and efficient grinding experience, consistently delivering excellent results.

C - SILICON CARBIDE - Suitable to work non-ferrous materials and cast iron.

For use with two-handed angle grinders with a maximum speed of 8500 rpm.

Carborundum Wheels Sizes Available:

80 x 46 

100 x 46



Carborundum Wheels come with M14 Fitting.

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