Core Drill Sintered M14 For Granite

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Diameter: 10mm
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Introducing our premium diamond core drills, designed for exceptional performance in both dry and wet applications. Ideal for drilling precise holes through tough materials like granite, quartz and quartzite, these core drills deliver superior results.

The standout feature of these drills lies in their diamond vacuum brazed curved patterns on the outside. This innovative design ensures an impeccably smooth, clean, and precise cutting process, eliminating any undesired chippings.

With a convenient M14 connection fitting, these core drills can be directly attached to a grinder without the need for an adapter. This streamlined connection enhances ease of use, making your drilling tasks more efficient and hassle-free.

Choose our premium diamond core drills for unparalleled precision and cleanliness in your drilling projects, whether you're working with granite, engineered stone, or other challenging materials. Elevate your drilling experience with quality and efficiency.

Connection Fitting: M14

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