Electroplated Profile Wheel OGEE (Profile F) M14 Angle Grinder

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Electroplated Profiling wheel designed for angle grinders, ideal for shaping the edges of marble, limestone and sandstone. These tools boast an M14 thread, ensuring compatibility with most standard angle grinders. The resulting F Profile is perfect for creating shaped edges efficiently, eliminating the need for costly machinery and making them ideal for on-site fabrication.

Key Features:

  • M14 thread for universal compatibility with standard angle grinders.
  • Ideal for shaping edges on marble, limestone and sandstone.
  • Enables quick creation of shaped edges without the need for expensive machinery.
  • Removes necessary stock to prepare stone edges for polishing.
  • Suitable for both dry and wet working, featuring water feed holes.
  • 50/60 Grit

Elevate your on-site fabrication with our Edge Profiling Tools, delivering efficiency and precision in edge shaping.

The stainless steel top guide enables precise alignment of the wheel with the slab during work. The bottom bearing ensures a uniform and consistent shape throughout the process.

Ensure that you do not surpass the maximum rpm limit. The maximum allowable for rpm is 12,000.

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