Granite & Quartz Segmented Zenesis Blade

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Diameter: 125mm
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Zenesis Segmented Rim Granite Blade features rim technology, the position of each and every diamond in the segment is precisely controlled to provide two main advantages: an extremely fast cutting speed and an increased blade life.

In addition to granite & quartzite, these blades can be used on many other materials such as hard aggregates, hard marble, limestone and sandstone.

  • Diamond Technology: Sintered
  • Rim Type: Segmented 
  • Segment Height: 10mm 
  • Segment Depth: 2.4mm 
  • Segment Thickness: 3.0mm 
  • Fitting: Bore 22.2mm
  • Diameter Available: 125mm & 150mm
  • RPM 125mm: 12250 RPM
  • RPM 150mm: 10200 RPM

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