LMA Monster Machine 3HP VS

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Light and handy sander with variable speed (VS) 3HP single-phase motor suitable for leveling irregular floors of different types and of medium size. The dual functionality of the sander and the single-disc machine is easily interchangeable.

The MONSTER MACHINE is a professional sander that has the particularity of having the casing completely free to move from the frame. This combined with its lightness and manoeuvrability allows you to perform leveling work on uneven or uneven floors without particular effort.

It is suitable for sanding, even heavy, and for the preparation of medium-sized civil and industrial floors in marbleconcrete, granite, terrazzo and natural stone .
Easy to load and transport, with a few simple gestures it can be transformed from a sander to a single disc machine.

The VS model features a speed variator of the engine revolutions (variable speed) and is particularly suitable for those who need both to treat and prepare several types of floors. For example, a certain speed is required to smooth concrete, which is different from that for treating marble. For the preparation of the floors, however, there is a need for a minimum speed so as not to unnecessarily wear out the tools. The variable speed also allows you to adjust the engine revolutions according to the unevenness of the floor. For example, on a poorly laid marble floor, vibrations can be greatly reduced by acting on the engine speed.



  • Single-phase 3HP variable speed motor
  • Potentiometer  for adjusting the speed of the engine revolutions
  • The crown and reduction gear are firmly tightened to the frame, allowing the motor flange and the GEAR PLATE to become a single body with the machine. This allows the maximum power transfer of the motor to the action of the treatment and a great reduction of the vibrations during the working
  • A quick-release system allows you to divide the sander into 3 parts, reduce its size and facilitate its transport: handle unit, motor unit and planetary unit
  • The limited weight (each single piece does not exceed 35Kg) facilitates loading/unloading operations even by a single operator
  • The light head tilting system makes changing tools very convenient
  • Light but solid structure with oversized wheels that make it highly manoeuvrable both in use as a sander and as a single disc machine.
  • Wheel release system and locking pins for use in tilt mode


  • A quick Gear Plate removal mechanism allows MONSTER MACHINE to become a single brush in seconds. The methods of use are therefore as follows:
    Single-phase sander for sanding and  preparation of floors
    - Single-phase single-disc machine  for washing, cleaning, polishing or treating floors
  • Type of surfaces: medium-sized floors
  • Variable motor speed therefore particularly suitable for those who work on different types of floors
  • The variation of the speed according to the working needs allows to:
    - optimize the consumption of the tools ;
    - better adapt to surface irregularities
  • Particularly suitable for smoothing uneven and uneven surfaces
  • Fixed motor speed therefore particularly suitable if used regularly on the same type of floor
  • Surfaces: marble, concrete, granite, terrazzo and natural stone
  • Removal of existing resins, paints and adhesives
  • It can be used with forward/backward or right/left movement through the wheels on the ground or in tilt mode with raised wheels


Monster Machine 3HP MAX VS Versions:

MM40 3HP MAX VS - (MM1512V)

Includes: Monster Machine VS, kit crown support Ø100mm, Gear Plate Ø100mm, 20 litre water tank, pad holder 15" and splash guard

MM44 3HP MAX VS - (MM1522V)

Includes: Monster Machine VS, kit crown support Ø140mm, Gear Plate Ø140mm, 20 litre water tank, pad holder 15" and splash guard.


LMA Monster Machine Brochure:

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