Premium Fighter Bridge Saw Blade For Granite

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Diameter: 350mm
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Premium Fighter Bridge Saw Blade For Granite / Made in Italy.

Premium blade manufactured with the latest Italian technology, featuring 17mm high split segment designed to provide superior and superb cutting performance, which is fast, straight, chip-free and last's well making it a perfect blade for everyday use. This blade is designed to be used on Granite & Engineered Stone.

Segment Height: 17mm

Segment Type: Split Segment


Fighter Granite Blade Cutting Parameter & RPM Chart:

Blade Diameter Material RPM
300mm Granite 1780 - 2100
350mm Granite 1530 - 1800
400mm Granite 1340 - 1570
450mm Granite 1180 - 1400
500mm Granite 1070 - 1260


While entering and exiting cuts, reduce the feed rate by 30 - 40%

For Miter cuts, reduce feed rate by 40 - 50%

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