STORM bridge saw blade for Quartzite, Granite & Quartz

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Blade Diameter: 400mm
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The STORM blade is a cutting-edge bridge saw blade specifically designed for fast and efficient cutting of quartzite, granite, and quartz materials.

What sets the STORM blade apart is its utilization of a patented technology in the production process of its diamond segments. This technology enables the arrangement of each individual diamond segment in a precise geometrical order, ensuring optimized performance and longevity. By distributing the diamond particles in such a manner, the blade minimizes the occurrences of pull-outs and uneven tool performances.

Apart from its unique production process, the STORM blade offers additional benefits. These include:

+ INCREASE Cutting speed by 30% to 100%

+ INCREASE Tool life by 20% to 50%

+ INCREASE Wider range of application

- REDUCE Labour cost

- REDUCE Noise by 10% to 20%

- REDUCE Power consumption



  • Unique patent segment bond technology
  • 20mm segment height
  • Fitment holes for DENVER &  DONATONI machines.
  • Silent bodied core
  • Fast-cutting
  • Long-lasting
  • Certified to EN13236


Blade Diameter (mm) 350mm 400mm 450mm 500mm
Type of Cut Straight and mitre Straight and mitre Straight and mitre Straight and mitre
Rim Type Segmented Segmented Segmented Segmented
Number of segments 23 26 32 36
Segment Thickness  3.2mm 3.6mm 4.3mm 4.3mm
Segment Height 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm
Fitting Bore 50/60mm Bore 50/60mm Bore 50/60mm Bore 50/60mm
Blade Core Type Silent Silent Silent Silent

 Blade Diameter (mm) Material RPM Feed Rate
350mm Natural Quartzite 2450 5M/MIN
350mm Granite 2450 10M/MIN
350mm Quartz Stone 2450 12M/MIN
400mm Natural Quartzite 2100 5M/MIN
400mm Granite 2100 10M/MIN
400mm Quartz Stone 2100 12M/MIN
450mm Natural Quartzite 1900 5M/MIN
450mm Granite 1900 10M/MIN
450mm Quartz Stone 1900 12M/MIN
500mm Natural Quartzite 1700 5M/MIN
500mm Granite 1700 10M/MIN
500mm Quartz Stone 1700 12M/MIN

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