Titan Bond - Premium Epoxyacrylate Adhesive

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Introducing Titan Bond, your premium choice for Epoxyacrylate adhesive. Delivering extra-strong and ultra-fast adhesion within a brief timeframe of 15-25 minutes, even at low temperatures, Titan Bond stands out as a top-tier gluing system recommended for internal use, boasting remarkable adhesion properties.

What sets Titan Bond apart from common mastics is its versatility, offering a wide range of applications, ultra-strong and rapidly setting adhesion to surfaces, and exceptional resistance to yellowing over time.

A distinctive feature of Titan Bond is its colour-changing aspect during catalyst addition, reverting to its original colour post-catalysis. Once cured, the mastic presents a smooth, shiny surface with excellent stability and polishability, making it an ideal choice for indoor use. Elevate your projects with Titan Bond - where strength, speed, and quality converge.

Applications: Marble, Natural Stones (quartz, travertine etc.), Synthetic Stones, Traditional Ceramics & Technical Ceramics (ex: Dekton, Lapitek etc.).

What's Included:

One hardener is included with every Titan Bond purchased.

Titan Bond Technical Datasheet:

Click here to download Titan Bond Technical Datasheet

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