Traxopad Ø270mm

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Grit: 0000
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Traxopad discs are suitable for restoring natural stone, marble, grit, and concrete floors. Easy to use and respectful of the environment, Traxopads quickly removes scratches, stains and enhances the natural beauty back into the surfaces.

Traxopad's Ø270mm are designed to be used with the LMA Orbitop machines. Traxopads can be used dry on concrete floors but must be used with water on natural stone, marble, terrazzo and concrete.


Grits Available: 

Disc 0000 = Grit 30

Disc 000 = Grit 60

Disc 00 = Grit 120

Disc 0 = Grit 220

Disc 1 = Grit 400

Disc 2 = Grit 800

Disc 3 = Grit 1500 

Disc 4 = Grit 3000

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