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Grit: 1
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TRAXOSHINE are special and unique diamond floor pads designed in the LMA Machine laboratory with an innovative formula that allows a mirror polishing marble, granite, concrete, terrazzo and natural stones surfaces without the use of polishing powders in ONLY just 3 steps!

The flexible and resistant backing allows TRAXOSHINE to smooth and polish quickly leaving a homogeneous finish.

TRAXOSHINE: 1,2,3 & LUX designed to be used on Marble, Granite, Concrete, Terrazzo & natural stones.


Advantages Compared To Traditional Pads

  • Thanks to its special formula studied in our laboratories, TRAXOSHINE discs are suitable for restoring marble, concrete, grit and natural stone floors.
  • Easy to use and ECO-FRIENDLY. High gloss and high gloss polishing without using polishing powders.
  • TRAXOSHINE, used with a minimum waste of water, very quickly removes scratches, stains and "orange peel" effects on marble, terrazzo and natural stones, classic effects of normal diamond pads on the market.
  • It can be used dry on concrete floors and with water on marble, terrazzo and natural stone.
  • Innovative design and high flexibility:  the disc can bend without breaking the resin.
  • TRAXOSHINE is par excellence the disc with the greatest thickness of material on the market, this guarantees a better performance than traditional discs.
  • Ideal for routine maintenance of floors with surprising results.
  • Available in the following  sizes: Ø250mm, Ø330mm, Ø380mm, Ø430mm, Ø500mm



Functional for removing scratches left in time and for removing cement sealant; TRAXOSHINE 1 is not to be confused or replaced with the metallic grain 2 which has a superior efficiency in case of removal of marks or sealant/mastic epoxy.


Ideal for removing small scratches. It leaves a particular semi-gloss floor (for the restoration of the shininess you can start straight from step n.2).


It mechanically closes the floor and leaves a high level of mechanic shininess avoiding the use of 2 discs.


For marbles and terrazzo only, designed for places or construction sites where the polishing powder is forbidden or difficult to use. No smells, easy to use, not bulky and easy to work avoiding the use of 2 discs.



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