ADW Core Drill For Ultra Compact Surfaces

Diameter: 20mm
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Elevate your drilling experience with ADW precision-engineered core drills, crafted specifically for Ultra Compact Surfaces such as Dekton, Neolith, and Lapitec. These versatile core drills boast dual-fitting compatibility with M14 and 1/2 Gas connection, allowing seamless integration with both CNC machines and handheld devices equipped with M14 attachments. Experience efficiency and flexibility in your drilling operations with our advanced core drill technology.
  • ADW-engineered core drills designed for efficient operation on Ultra Compact Surfaces
  • Crafted in Spain to the highest quality standards
  • Certified by Consentino for seamless compatibility with Dekton
  • Universal fit for both 1/2 Gas and M14 connection.

Cutting Parameters Chart:

Diameter  (  RPM Feed Speed
06 to 25mm 5,000 30mm/min
28 to 40mm  4,000 30mm/min
45 to 68mm 3,000 30mm/min
80 to 100mm 2,000 30mm/min

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