Cleaning - Protecting - Maintaining 


Massimo Piraccini Treatment UK has been responsible for cleaning some of the most magnificent and beautiful natural stone surfaces for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our high expertise in different cleaning techniques whilst using our own water-based (Solvent-free) or solvent-based cleaning products. We specialise in many different types of cleaning processes, from detailed cleaning of laid stone to remove the contamination of surface dirt, grease, oils, fats and stone care products that have been used in the past, to a special cleaning process to remove any specific dirt and/or stains such as efflorescence, oil stains, acidic stains or any other type of stains.


Our cleaning process will restore your natural stone surfaces back to their original and beautiful appearance ready for the next phase, the protecting phase.


We use our own products within the second stage “Protecting” for a combination of different processes including impregnation, colour depth and sealing. A protective layer treatment makes the treated stone surfaces easier to clean in the future and provides protection as the surface is more impervious to potential staining substances that could penetrate into the stone porosity.


The third and last stage is Maintenance. This stage includes regular cleaning treatment using our after-care products in order to remove the surface layer of dirt contamination that has built up over time whilst at the same time enhancing the natural beauty back into the stone surfaces.



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