At MP Treatment UK we offer stone restoration service around the UK mainland’s, working mainly work in and around the outskirts of London.
There are many great things about having stone, not only does stone offer beautiful aesthetics and modern applications, but stone is also long-lasting and very durable. However, this is only the case if the stone is taking care of and maintained using the correct cleaning procedures and cleaning products. If the stone is maintained in the correct way, this will extend the life of your stone and will keep your stonework to perfection.
It may be the case that your stone is looking worn, marked, stained in certain areas, or may have some scratches. That is not a problem though because we provide a comprehensive stone restoration service to help you with any of your stone needs to reinstate your stone back to its original perfection and which sometimes ends in revealing a better surface than the original state.
Before we commence with any work, our experts would inspect the issue to identify what you would like to achieve and the best way forward to resolving your stone issue. If you are in need of a professional stone restoration service, free to contact us for more information. 
Want to keep your stonework to perfection and ensure the longevity of the stone? Why not take advantage of our maintenance services; attending to both domestic and commercial environments to maintain the stone to perfection. This service can be arranged and organised to happen daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. We can ensure you that we use the best quality products when carrying out our maintenance work and all other services. 
Stone Polishing
One of our most popular services we provide is our stone polishing services. Just like anything, nothing stays in the same condition forever. Over a period, no matter how well you care for your stone it will gradually loose its beautiful gloss and reflection appearance. This is where we come into action to bring back the original beauty in the stone surface and help to ensure the surfaces longevity. We use the latest mechanical technology and quality diamond pads to remove the damaged surfaces, to reveal a new layer of stone surface perfection. Once the stone polishing process is completed, it will typically reveal a more beautiful and better surface from when it was originally installed. 
Cleaning & Sealing Process
It so important for stone surfaces to be thoroughly cleaned followed by the sealing process. Cleaning and sealing the stone surface will protect your stone surfaces and even makes cleaning in the future much easier. It is important to take into consideration that once your stone surface has been thoroughly cleaned and sealed, it will be very beneficial and cost efficient to have a cleaning maintenance regime. This will help you keep your stone looking in a perfect state, whilst extending the life of your stone.
Acid Protection Treatment
Our acid protection service consists of a professional surface clean and application of an acid-protection product to a stone surface of your choice. This type of service is typically carried out on stone surfaces situated in kitchens and bathrooms as these areas have higher interactions with acid aggressions such as food substances like lemon, wine, fruit juices, soft drinks and also from soaps and perfumes. Contact us to book in your stone surfaces for an acid protection treatment service.  
Stain Removal
If your natural stone surfaces are not protected with stone sealer, or you have not kept up to date with the stone cleaning and sealer regime. The stone can become very contaminated and there may be some stains which can be caused by coffee, wine, fizzy drinks, water, oil and grease. We face these type of stain issues on a day-to-day basis and know exactly how to treat them using either the chemical or mechanical process, the type of method required would depend on the severity of the scratches. If you have a stain issue with your stone, please do not hesitate to contact us to book in your consultation visit.
Scratch Removal
Scratches in your stone surfaces can be caused by leaving or moving heavy items on the stone, using cleaning equipment that are too abrasive, or having rough objects repeatedly rubbed against the stone. As these items scratch away at the stone's surface, this can cause dullness in the finish of the surface.
Not to worry though as we can ensure you that we can remove the scratch(es). We use our innovative products and the latest diamond pads to gradually remove the scratches and make your stone is restored back to its original state.
Stone Colour Enhancement / Wet Effect Treatment
Our experts have a wealth of knowledge, hands-on-experience, and different specialised methods to enhance the colour and provide a wet effect appearance to your natural stone surfaces. This is suitable for both indoor and outdoor for all natural stone, limestone, sandstone, marble, granite with rough, bushhammered, sandblasted, honed, flamed finish. Once the colour enhancement process is completed, this would protect the stone surface from dirt and offers a good water-repellence. 



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