RG Polishing Disc 3- Pin Polishing System For Granite & Stoneware Floors

Disc Diameter: 100mm
Pad Grit: Step 3 / One set of 3 pieces
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RG Diamond Resinoid Abrasive Disc for Mirror Polishing Granite and Stoneware Floors

This specialised resinoid diamond abrasive disc is designed for use with water on planetary systems or single-brush sanding machines. Its primary purpose is to achieve a mirror-like polish on granite and stoneware floors. The disc is engineered to deliver exceptional polishing results, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the surfaces it treats.

RG DISC grits:

RG STEP 3 - Grit 60

RG STEP 4 - Grit 120

RG STEP 5 - Grit 220

RG STEP 6 - Grit 400

RG STEP 7 - Grit 800

RG STEP 8 - Grit 1500

RG STEP 9 - Grit 3500

Produced in Italy by LMA Machine🇮🇹

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