LMA Green Machine 3HP MAX

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The GREEN MACHINE is the smallest professional sander produced by LMA. Thanks to the lightweight casing specifically designed to reduce the operator's physical efforts as much as possible, it was created to be used on regular and uneven floors without excessive problems, on small and medium sizes, in apartments, shops or small industrial sites.

Despite the low weight, thanks to the powerful single-phase motor of up to 4hp, it is able to carry out all kinds of sanding jobs, without particular efforts, on surfaces of not excessive size. The specially designed planetary can withstand enormous stresses and consecutive working hours: thanks to LMA's research activity, it fits perfectly to the casing, significantly reducing oscillations.

GREEN MACHINE is the lightest professional single-disc machine to load and transport, thanks to the front grip handle of the casing. In fact, it can be loaded on small cars or vans reducing the risk of pain or physical damage. Among other things, it can be easily disassembled into two parts: machine body (40 kg) and gear plate. Two rear wheels in solid rubber with a diameter of 20 mm, in addition to further guaranteeing quick and fast loading, allow the machine to be used even on steps or stairs without the risk of committing damage.

The powerful and resistant engine of up to 4HP guarantees the best value for money. Thanks to the main materials, such as chassis, ​​gearbox and motor, entirely produced in Italy and thanks to the partnership of first-rate European suppliers, a high-level quality profile is ensured.

The market's need is to have a professional sander that has a double function: not only a sander but also a single disc machine. Thus was born the idea of ​​a machine to be used for washing, treatments and micro-sanding, also usable by operators not accustomed to using such devices for many consecutive hours.

With the same purposes, a planetary (Gear Plate of about 25 kg) has been devised that can literally be removed with a simple gesture lasting three seconds, allowing the machine to become effortlessly from a sander to a single disc machine.

GREEN MACHINE is the solution for those who are looking for a stable sander that is easy to load in the car, transportable and light, but also modular, so as to reach and exceed 80 kg of weight (between machine body, gear plate and additional weights), approaching being a professional high-performance sander performance.

STRONG POINTS - Low center of gravity - Gear Plate - Crown support in tempered steel - Non-marking wheels - Large tank - Made of 70% recyclable materials


LMA Green Machine 3HP Max Versions:

LMA Green Machine - (GM40 3HP MAX)

Includes: Green Machine with 3HP 1800W single-phase motor + Ø100mm Crown Support + Ø100mm Gear Plate + Adjustable Bell + Driver + Tank + Instruction Manual

LMA Green Machine - (GM44 3HP MAX)

Includes: Green Machine with 3HP 1800W single-phase motor + Ø140mm Crown Support + Ø140mm Gear Plate + Adjustable Bell + Driver + Tank + Instruction Manual


LMA Green Machine Product Brochure:

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