MGP 25 - Degreasing cleaner for ordinary or maintenance cleaning. SOLVENT AND ACID FREE

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One litre of MGP 25 can treat up to 100 m2. MGP 25 is a strong degreasing detergent for cleaning or maintenance. Removes persistent dirt, blackening, unctuosity, and dirt deposits in the porosity and in the joints. Suitable for floors, cladding, tables and kitchen countertops of marble, granite, ceramic, natural stone with any kind of finish; polished, matt, brushed etc... MGP 25 is a cleaner that can be used for regular cleaning and for maintenance cleaning where the surfaces need a deep cleaning. MGP 25 is solvent and acid-free and protects the materials.


One litre can treat up to approx. 10-100 m2.

Application Method:



Light dirt: 1-litre MGP 25 in 18/20 litres of water.

Persistent dirt: 1-litre MGP 25 in 4/5 litres of water

Manual cleaning: Pour the solution onto the surface, allow to act about 5-10 minutes, rub using a floor brush or a sponge to detach the dirt from the surface, suck up with a wet vacuum cleaner and rinse out with water

Cleaning with machines: Pour the solution onto the surface, allow to act about 5-10 minutes, rub using a cleaning machine or roller brushes machines, suck up the dirt with a wet vacuum cleaner, rinse out with water. On very rough surfaces like bush-hammered, flamed etc. it is recommended to use a brush.

Technical Datasheet:

Click here to download MGP 25 Datasheet.

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