Mixer Solid Mastic Glue

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Size: 1 Litre
Colour: Beige
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Introducing Mixer, a bi-component solid mastic glue renowned for its high viscosity, specifically crafted for bonding and repairing vertical marbles and similar natural stones. Upon hardening, the product exhibits a glossy finish resembling natural stone, adding an aesthetic touch to applications. Mixer excels in reactivity even at low temperatures, making it a reliable choice. Its standout qualities lie in remarkable adhesion strength and robust mechanical properties, ensuring durability and performance.

Key Features:

  1. High Viscosity: Mixer boasts a high viscosity formula, providing excellent stability and ease of application in vertical bonding and repair tasks.
  2. Vertical Stone Applications: Tailored for bonding and repairing vertical marbles and similar natural stones, Mixer ensures a secure and lasting bond.
  3. Glossy Finish: The hardened product showcases a shiny appearance akin to natural stone, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the bonded surfaces.
  4. Reactivity at Low Temperatures: Mixer exhibits impressive reactivity even in low-temperature conditions, ensuring consistent performance across various environments.
  5. Adhesion Strength: The product's adhesion strength is a standout quality, ensuring a reliable and durable bond between surfaces.
  6. Robust Mechanical Properties: Mixer is characterised by robust mechanical properties, contributing to the overall durability and longevity of bonded applications.

Choose Mixer for a solid mastic glue that excels in vertical bonding and repair tasks, offering a glossy finish and exceptional performance, even in challenging conditions.


Marbles, Granites & Natural Stones.

What's Included:

One hardener is included with every Mixer Mastic Glue purchased.

Mixer Mastic Technical Datasheet:

Click here to download Mixer Mastic Transparent Technical Datasheet

Click here to download Mixer Mastic Kristal Technical Datasheet

Click here to download Mixer Mastic Coloured Technical Datasheet

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