Premium Fighter Bridge Saw Blade For Quartzite

SKU: MPT200110

Diameter: 300mm
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The FIGHTER QUARTZITE is a premium bridge saw blade that stands out as an exceptional choice for cutting Quartzite materials. It demonstrates a swift and precise cutting ability, ensuring durability over time. Unlike other blades, the segments of the FIGHTER QUARTZITE blade maintain their distinct "shoulders" without rounding off, enhancing directional stability during usage. This blade is particularly effective for cutting thin strips along the edge of a slab, maintaining a straight path effortlessly. Notably, the blade features 18mm high segments, and its body is constructed with a copper sandwich design to minimize noise during operation.

Segment Height: 18 mm

Made In Italy.

CE Standard, tested to: EN13236

We suggest using the highest possible feed rate achievable for the material being processed.

 Fighter Quartzite Blade Cutting Parameter & RPM Chart:

Blade Diameter Material RPM
300mm Quartzite 2160 - 2290
350mm Quartzite 1850 - 1970
400mm Quartzite 1620 - 1720
450mm Quartzite 1440 - 1530
500mm Quartzite 1300 - 1370

 While entering and exiting cuts, reduce the feed rate by 30 - 40%

For Miter cuts, reduce feed rate by 40 - 50%

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