ULK K-050 (A+B) Epoxy Gel

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Introducing Ice White Colour Epoxy Gel, a cutting-edge solution offering total resistance to UV rays, making it a versatile choice for both outdoor and indoor applications. This epoxy gel boasts outstanding chemical-mechanical resistance and minimal shrinkage, providing a durable finish. It is colourable with specific pigments, allowing for customisation.

Key Features:

  1. UV Resistance: Ice White Colour Epoxy Gel is specifically formulated to withstand UV rays, ensuring long-lasting performance in outdoor environments without compromising its appearance.
  2. Chemical-Mechanical Resistance: With excellent chemical-mechanical resistance, this epoxy gel is designed to endure various environmental conditions, ensuring durability in challenging applications.
  3. Low Shrinkage: Ice White Colour Epoxy Gel exhibits almost no shrinkage during the hardening process, contributing to a seamless and precise application.
  4. Color Customisation: The epoxy gel can be easily coloured with specific pigments, providing flexibility for customisation according to project requirements.
  5. Thixotropic Formulation: Utilising thixotropic epoxy resins and a cycloaliphatic amines-based system, ULK K-050 stands out as a part of the latest epoxy generation, offering exceptional physical and chemical characteristics.
  6. Versatile Stone Compatibility: Suitable for use on both light or white stones, thanks to its remarkable UV and yellowing resistance. It can also be effortlessly coloured for applications on dark and coloured stones.
  7. Vertical Joint Applications: Ice White Colour Epoxy Gel is well-suited for vertical joints, ensuring easy and precise application with minimal shrinkage during the hardening process.
  8. Weather Resistance: Recommended for bonding and outdoor applications due to its high weather resistance, providing reliable performance in diverse weather conditions.

Choose Ice White Colour Epoxy Gel for a reliable and customisable epoxy solution with exceptional physical and chemical characteristics, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Applications: Agglomerates, Natural Stones, Granite, Marble, Tiles, Metals, Wood, Glass & Honeycomb.

ULK K-050 Technical Datasheet:

Click here to download ULK K-050 Technical Datasheet

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